Women and fire and security roles

Sep 15, 2021

Women and fire and security roles

As we navigate through 2021 and continually remind ourselves that it is the 21st century, it’s fantastic to see just how far we have come in realigning gender inequality in the workplace. 

From pay to promotions, there has been a significant culture shift, and pay gaps are narrowing and vast becoming a thing of the past  

However, within the engineering sector and, in particular, the fire and security industry, there are still very few female engineers across the variety of roles available. 

Yes, you will find females in the sector, but primarily in HR, administration, and recruitment roles. Some management positions do have female leads, but again, due to the nature of the positions and the need for a technical background in engineering, we see more males within these roles than their female counterparts. 

In fact, government statistics show that only 16% of employees in a fire service role in England are women, and only 11% worldwide are employed as security professionals. 

With figures and statistics continuing to hit the headlines, what do we need to balance gender equality in this growing sector further?


Women in the fire and security sector 

Let us start by saying industry sectors are changing; however, historically, engineering qualifications have primarily been taken up by males; hence, males have predominantly taken roles within the fire and security industry and moved up the career ladder as a result. 

For those females who do enter the sector, it can also often be a daunting experience, and gender equality problems can often take a different path, especially if you are one of the few qualified female engineers doing the job – making employee retention for women considerably low and employers back to square one with their recruitment. 

The fire and security sector is also a sector that doesn’t shout about its successes enough.  The important role fire alarm engineers play in protecting people and keeping people safe. In addition, the wide and varied fire and security jobs that are available aren’t as widely highlighted and promoted as others; hence they aren’t as well known to those studying engineering and possibly looking for a great career in the sector. 

However, awareness and perspectives are changing. 

Today we see much more work surrounding women in STEM and not just women, girls.  

Fortunately, STEM is now being brought into schools, where specific sessions are promoted, collaboration with universities, colleges, and large STEM-based companies take place highlighting to young girls just what STEM is and where qualifications in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics can lead. 

The fire and security sector must join forces with these campaigns.  To show how STEM-related qualifications and education can support careers in fire safety roles.  Focusing on raising the status and prestige that this sector has lacked for some time.

Working together for change 

  • The fire and security industry is a vital sector and area, keeping people safe and secure always. This must be promoted further and to wider audiences. The fire and security industry needs to prove its worth. 
  • It is a sector that needs to highlight the benefits and opportunities of working in the industry. The huge career opportunities and progression available and the salary benefits that these roles bring. 
  • Engagement with companies, education establishments, government departments, and those females in powerful and influential roles in the industry is key. 
  • Placing the spotlight, raising the profile, and getting the conversation started will allow the fire and security industry to move forward, driving recruitment and helping to retain incredibly talented employees. 

People are a business’s greatest and most important resource, and we believe that gender equality is everyone’s responsibility; everyone should be engaged in the conversation. 

Fire and Security industry jobs 

The good news is there are security jobs for women available. The security sector does not discriminate on gender but recruits based on talent, experience, fit with an organisation, and an ability to do the job and do it well. 

Roles in the sector can include: 

  • Fire and security engines 
  • Fire alarm engineers 
  • Security systems engineers 
  • Senior management roles 
  • Administration and coordination positions 
  • Specialist positions 
  • And more. 

Women in professional fire and security roles 

It is proven that diversity and equality can dramatically increase a company’s productivity bringing a fresh perspective to fire and security solutions. 

At Secure and Recruit, we want to play our part in helping to bring new talent to the roles you need to fill, bringing diversity and innovation to help boost revenues and productivity. 

We want to help strengthen the industry and invite more women to apply for roles within the sector, helping to reduce the skills gap, drawing from a full talent pool regardless of gender. 

To find out more about working with Secure and Recruit to find the perfect candidate to fill your position, call us today on 01480 275 700 or email us for further information at info@secureandrecruit.co.uk.

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