What to look out for in a good Fire and Security Recruitment Agency

May 7, 2021

What to look out for in a good Fire and Security Recruitment Agency 1

The fire and security industry is a strict sector.  With rigorous training, qualification requirements, and high-quality standards all dictating these specialist roles. 

However, what is undisputed is how critical these roles are to organisations.  Keeping people and properties safe at all times. 

Fire and security engineers in these instances become a vital part of any organisation’s structure.  Which means finding a specialist recruitment agency that specialises in fire and security careers essential. 

General recruitment agencies, for all great, often don’t have the in-depth insight into the sector and how the specific skills can benefit an organisation.  You need a recruitment agency that knows the industry, understands the importance of skills and experience in the sector and can find the perfect candidate for you in a timely manner. 

To help, we take a look at the areas you must identify to help you find the best recruitment agency for you. 


What do you want and need to get out of the recruitment process? 

1. Who are you ideally looking for?

This is an essential question that will help you identify your recruitment goals, i.e., what is it specifically you are looking for? 

There are various roles in fire and security, and you must be specific as to what roles you would like the recruitment agency to support with. 

The recruitment agency must also be suited and well-equipped to fill vacancies in your sector – not just any recruitment agency will do.  For example, are you looking for a Fire and Security Service Manager or a security alarm engineer?  In this instance, a general recruitment agency operating only locally may not be much help.  You need to identify the roles you are looking to fill and use specialist fire and security companies that recruit nationwide to help you fill these positions. 

2. Make room in your budget for recruitment costs

Recruitment agencies do cost money, and you must be aware from the start just how much this service will cost you.  This could be set as a % of basic salary or as a day rate, depending on your specifications and requirements. 

As you’re looking for candidates with specific fire and security careers, you’re in a strong position to ask agencies to provide you with a detailed costing, outlining the service provided, terms and conditions, etc. 

It’s important to remember, however, that the cheapest doesn’t always result in the best.  You ideally want to build a relationship with this agency long-term, so you must also consider their fees, track record, etc. 

3. Research the agency in question

Make sure to check out the recruitment agency’s track record.  Do they have experience in fire and security careers?  Do they know what experience, skills, training looking out for? 

If they have a good record of finding those candidates with unique skills and specialist experience, they could be the agency for you. 

Ask for references, look for feedback online, testimonials, etc., to help you find out more about the company in question. 

You could also ask about the size of their database in fire and security, the frequency in which this database is updated, information about any fire and security recruitment they have recently carried out, and the technology they used to find the right candidates for the job. 

4. What other services are available?

Yes, the recruitment agency may meet your immediate recruitment needs; however, can they help if you have future recruitment needs?  If you choose to expand, diversify in the fire and security arena, can they help? 

Those agencies that can offer you a range of solutions will ultimately boost your talent search—helping to keep costs to a minimum and allowing you to only work with one agency instead of several, saving you time and energy! 

5. Find the perfect fit

It’s important to find an agency that holds the same values as you, which align with your business goals and your work culture.  These makes finding candidates in the fire and security sector much easier, making the onboarding process quick and painless. 

Fire and security companies and security recruitment agencies are niche.  At Secure and Recruit, we understand this.  And we know the importance of finding a reliable and professional agency. That’s why we work with you to identify your needs, exact requirements in fire and security and use our skills and extensive database to ensure we find the right candidates for the role. 

To find how we can help you, contact us on 01480 275 700