What to look for in a good fire and security recruitment agency

Aug 13, 2021

Keeping you and your employees safe and secure is the job of your experienced and specialist fire and safety personnel. 

Ensuring that everything is compliant with all legislation and guidance and ensuring your responsibility as a manager is upheld.


What does this mean for you? 

You need to make sure you hire the very best fire and security officers to support you. 

However, these roles are specialist and require in-depth knowledge and experience, and often, this isn’t something that generalist recruitment agencies and in-house HR teams can provide.  

It is the insights of a specialist fire and security recruitment company that will be needed to find the right talent that perfectly fits the recruitment needs. 

That’s why a fire and security recruitment agency that specialises in these roles is well placed to help meet the recruitment needs for business, placing the right people into the right roles effectively and efficiently. 

However, the key question is, how do you find a good and the right recruitment agency for you? 

Points to consider: 

  1. What is your recruitment strategy? Fire and security can cover a wide range of roles, so it’s essential that you narrow down your requirements and be as specific as possible.   Think about the number of positions you want to fill, the type of vacancy you want to fill (senior or entry-level, for example), what skills or experience you’re looking for, any other relevant information.  Your chosen recruitment agency should be equipped with a large pool of talent to fill such vacancies, making your search easier! 
  2. Check the costs! Hiring a recruitment agency, of course, comes with costs, and it’s important you are aware of these before diving straight in.  Ask about their costs, what do the costs involve, how do they work, etc.  You need to find out as much detail and information as possible to allow you to make an informed decision.  Note: it is also necessary to ask for terms and conditions and service details at this stage too.   
  3. Check online reviews and testimonials. How much experience does the agency have?  Do they specialise in fire and security roles? Can they find those candidates with those hard-to-find skills?  Ask for references and talk to past and current agency customers to find out more about their experience and their process.  You can also check the size of their network database, what fire and security careers they cover, how often do they update their database, the technologies they use in their recruitment process, and more. 
  4. What are your future recruitment needs? It’s not always about hiring a company that can meet your immediate recruitment needs.  Often thinking strategically and looking at future recruitment needs can help to save costs in the long run.  Working with an agency that can offer you a diverse range of solutions means you can boost your talent search at any time throughout your recruitment drive. It also means you don’t have to manage and work with multiple agencies, saving you a considerable amount of time and money. 
  5. Do your business personalities match? Does the recruitment agency align with your own business goals and vision?  Do they have a similar culture and work environment?  Can you see yourself working together long-term?   
  6. Good recruitment agencies will act with respect, integrity and regard your privacy with the utmost importance. Providing you with the right information and answering your questions with complete transparency. 

For companies, a good recruiter will find suitable candidates for the role and suitable candidates for the business, i.e., someone who fits company culture, business goals, vision, etc. 

For candidates, recruiters can help to do the hard work for you.  They search the market and often have insider information to specific job roles and vacancies both currently available and potentially soon to become available.  They also ensure that you are suitable for the right role as this placing is also a reflection of them as recruiters.  (If you’re thinking about starting out in Fire and Security, make sure to check out our latest post HERE). 

Secure and Recruit are a specialist recruitment agency.  Matching companies with candidates to provide opportunities for growth and development. 

Matching thousands of people with the right company in the right role, we help businesses expand their goals and boost their bottom line. 

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