The Role of a Fire and Security Engineer

Oct 17, 2021

The Role of a Fire and Security Engineer

A fire and security engineer is a position that more companies across the UK are recruiting to assist with their daily work. They offer a wide variety of services to a business while providing you with the support you need for your organisation. Working with a fire and security agency will help you to secure the right person for your business and offer you all of the benefits shared here today.


What Does a Fire and Security Engineer Do? 

Many companies in the UK are hiring fire and security engineers to help support local clients. The basic requirements for a fire and security engineer position will include installing, servicing, and commissioning intruder alarms and fire alarms. They will also be responsible for servicing CCTV and access control systems in homes and workplaces. As you can imagine, this position is in high demand, especially with the changes we’ve all experienced in the past year. People are more concerned than ever before about their health and security, and ensuring that their home or business is safe is of top priority. 

The working schedule as a fire and security engineer will be dependent on the business you work for. If you are looking to employ a member of staff in this position in your organisation, think about how you will organise their call-out schedule. A lot of companies operate this on a one week out of three or four-week schedule, depending on how many engineers you have in your team. This will mean that the engineer will be on call during this time, which will need to be compensated for fairly. Of course, this type of process will vary between businesses, and we can discuss the best practices when working with you to hire a new fire and security engineer. You’ll want to offer an attractive package to secure the right candidate, and we can share the best ways to advertise your position. 

What are the Requirements to Become a Fire and Security Engineer? 

Whether you are looking to apply for this position yourself or hire someone for your team, it’s important to know what is expected from this type of engineer. In general, you’ll want to look for someone who has about three years of experience in the industry working as an engineer. They’ll need to have experience with either security systems or fire alarm systems, but it’s preferable that they are confident in both areas. Otherwise, make sure they are willing to learn about the other type of system, as this position requires them to offer both services. On top of that, the full UK driving licence is required, as they’ll be driving between clients on a daily basis. This is generally a position that’s based outside of the office, but it may require some admin and paperwork depending on how the company operates. 

As well as the technical requirements and qualifications that are needed, you’ll need to ensure that a fire and security engineer can offer great customer service. This is so important when entering someone’s home or business, as they need to make them feel comfortable. When they are out and about, they will be the face of your business, so keep this in mind during the interview process. 

How Much is a Fire and Security Engineer Paid? 

The pay will depend on the contract and the number of hours worked, but the expected salary is between £30,000 and £38,000 a year within most companies. As with any job, this will depend on experience. Expect to offer fire and security engineer jobs 24 days of holiday a year, with bank holidays added on top of that. Travel will need to be paid, and you’ll need to discuss the vehicle they will use for jobs. 

Call out payments will vary between companies, but they should be paid for both standby and for each call out. It’s a great position for anyone who is looking to progress in the industry, and a fire and security agency can support you in finding the right candidate for the job. Fire security jobs are in high demand currently, but you’ll find there are some excellent candidates in the local area when you work with our team. 

Are you looking to find someone to fill your current fire alarm engineer job? If so, our team is here to help. We can offer the solution to all of your recruitment needs, taking the hassle of hiring and interviewing out of your hands. Our team works to form trusted relationships with both the client and the candidate so that we can find the perfect match for each business we work with. If you have a vacancy to fill currently, contact our team today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and start work to find the perfect fire and security engineer for your business this year.