STREAMLINED HIRING PROCESSES ARE key to securing top fire & security talent

Jun 25, 2024

streamlined recruitment processes

Talented fire and security candidates are in high demand in the current market. And yet far too often firms are missing out on good quality candidates simply because they are not moving fast enough during the hiring process.

The reality of the market means that if you don’t want to risk missing out on the best talent, then you need to have a streamlined recruitment process in place. Speed really is of the essence, now more than ever. Those firms who are quick to interview, communicate well and are decisive on who to make an offer of employment to are the ones who are succeeding in today’s market and security their ideal candidate.

So what can you do to make sure you don’t miss out on top quality fire and security professionals? 

Here’s our top tips:

Planning and preparation is key

  • Before you even talk to a recruitment firm or post a job advert, think in advance about the type of person you need to recruit: both in terms of skills and experience, and personality traits for a good cultural fit. Get this agreed by all the relevant people internally before you go to market so you know who you’re looking for.  
  • Give the process the time and attention it deserves – it’s not something that should be approached in a slap-dash manner. The more streamlined and planned out your recruitment process is, the better chance you have of attracting and securing the best candidates.
  • Make sure all of those people who need to be involved in the recruitment process and final hiring decision, whether it’s hiring managers or HR, are available and have been notified in advance.  This helps to avoid unnecessary delays.

The recruitment process is a reflection of your business

  • The recruitment process will reflect your business in either a positive or negative light, depending on the experience the candidate receives. If your recruitment process is disorganised and lacks good communication, candidates are likely to assume the same about working for you.
  • These are the main reasons why businesses are let down by their hiring processes:
    • a lack of urgency in booking candidates in for interviews once CVs have been received
    • not providing feedback to candidates or recruiters in a timely manner after an interview (or even worse, not providing any feedback at all)
    • being slow to make a decision at offer stage
    • wanting to interview more candidates simply for comparison purposes
    • general lack of communication.

Keep it moving

  • Keep the number of interview stages to as few as possible – lengthy and drawn-out interview stages can frustrate candidates and mean your competitors snap up the best people quicker. 
  • Respond to CVs and always provide feedback after an interview in a timely manner – big delays can mean good people have already been snapped up!
  • If you find a strong candidate you like, don’t waste time interviewing more people simply for comparison purposes – it can elongate your processes unnecessarily and you might miss out on a great candidate as a result.
  • Once offers have been made and accepted, it’s likely that good candidates will still receive calls regarding other roles. Send out contracts immediately to avoid the risk of a u-turn.

Good communication is your key to success

  • If there has been a delay somewhere in the recruitment process, keep in regular contact with your candidates to update them – a lack of communication can lead to people becoming disengaged.
  • Don’t ghost candidates/recruiters – always let them know where they stand (whether it’s good or bad news), otherwise it can harm your reputation as an employer.
  • Once contracts have been signed, don’t take anything for granted. Make sure you have regular contact with your candidates during their notice periods until they start their new role with you to maintain engagement levels.

Other factors to remember:

  • Good quality candidates will often be involved in multiple recruitment processes at once, so if you come across a talented individual, don’t let them slip away because you didn’t move fast enough.
  • Make sure you are offering strong salary and benefits packages to remain competitive.
  • Candidates are demanding more from their employers, and they will favour roles with more flexibility and better work/life balance.

Here at Secure and Recruit, we work closely with our clients so they feel confident on how best to successfully navigate the recruitment market and to ensure they can attract the right individuals to their teams. By following our tips, you will have the best chance of hiring and retaining the best fire and security talent for your business.

If you’d like our help to secure your ideal candidate, please contact us.