Specialised recruitment done right

Apr 8, 2022

Specialised recruitment done right

Finding specialised candidates can be a difficult task for even the most veteran recruitment firms. The pool of candidates is atypical to other candidate pools as there are certain requirements that are needed from the get-go that end up eliminating many possible candidates.

This means that depending on the area you’re targeting, that pool may be a lot smaller, especially as those candidates find work. Especially true in the fire and security industry as you’ll need to be able to hire those highly specialised candidates who know how to handle many of the systems that are needed with these jobs.

What makes this so specialised?

Fire and security jobs require a combination of enhanced skills and experience. They typically require engineering backgrounds, and they know how to navigate physical systems and their digital components.

They’ll need to handle everything from electrical systems and connections to how specific hardware is integrated together. Whether that hardware is along the lines of fire alarms or CCTV systems, the fire and security industry covers a wide range of activities, requiring expert knowledge and background to keep these systems running and secure.

These systems need to work correctly as they are the first line of safety for many buildings and operations. They keep people safe and secure and notify the proper authorities when an emergency does occur.

That’s why fire and security jobs are not only an excellent career choice, but once a job is secured, there is a lot of job longevity and security, meaning finding just the right candidate can be more challenging.

It’s also not a job for everyone due to the technical knowledge and requirements needed for the day to day for anyone in the fire and security industry, and those that have fire and security jobs know this very well.

What recruitment tactics can help in this scenario?

We need to keep that group close since we are working with a more diverse pool of candidates. The first tactic that works well here is looking for past candidates and previous applicants who have previously applied for similar jobs.

Anyone who has any experience in this industry needs to be kept in the pool, regardless of whether they were able to be recruited or not for a particular position. This means growing the collection as candidates are able to be found.

It’s an iterative process, and eventually, it will grow into a strong list that can quickly help match past candidates with future fire and security jobs as they are made available.

Also, by keeping this list and growing it over the years, you’re able to take a look at their past careers and see how they’ve grown in their experience. For example, maybe there was a great running list of previous applicants that simply needed a few more years under their belt, and now they got it. That means hiring old applicants can be considered since they have grown in their past careers.

Reaching out to past candidates periodically who have maybe declined an offer previously is always a good idea to keep the relationship going and continuous. For example, maybe their plans have changed, or they want to pivot into a new role, or you can offer them a position that is more on their level.

Relationships matter

That’s why relationships are critical in recruiting for the fire and security industry. It isn’t simply about finding a group of candidates as the job becomes available. Instead, it’s about growing two types of networks and nurturing them.

On one side, you want to make sure you have enough clients with regular openings related to fire and security jobs and national security and fire vacancies. This way, you work directly with them for any replacements needed or expansions needed. But you don’t want to have to keep finding new and fresh recruits either, again, due to the high requirements to be in the fire and security industry.

That’s why the other side is all about that growing pool of candidates and network which is ready to go, instead of those cold-call approaches that many recruitment firms commonly do.

Why work with us?

Besides our firm commitment to relationships, we’re also big on providing quality over quantity. We want to ensure, on both sides, that every single placement we do, is for as long as possible because prospective candidates must find a good professional home.

We want our clients to have the ability to thrive and grow, whether they are directly in the fire and security industry or if they have ancillary needs for fire and security jobs to be filled out. This means we only work with quality engineers with the suitable backgrounds, certifications and experience needed for the job.

We have built out our reputation to have this extra level of vetting to be as efficient as possible in our role and not to waste the time of either our clients or the candidates that we end up working with. It might seem excessive, but that’s why we always have high placement