Series 2 – CV Tips – How to get your CV past AI

Oct 8, 2021

CT Tips 2 – CV Tips – How to get your CV past AI

Artificial intelligence is growing. Spanning industries, various sectors, businesses, applications, and more. 

In recruitment especially, AI is growing in popularity as employers look to use AI systems at the initial stages of applicants submitting their CV or application. Helping them save time, reduce the potential for human bias, and find their perfect candidate faster. 

Below, in series two of our articles on CV Tips, we look at how you can get your CV past artificial intelligence systems and land yourself a face to face interview. 

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How does AI in recruitment work? 

Artificial intelligence resume builders in recruitment use a combination of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, scanning CVs to select the most suitable candidates for particular positions.   

With the right algorithms, AI systems can identify each candidate’s experience by analysing the dates and skills listed throughout your CV. 

It does this by scanning applications for specific keywords or phrases, helping to identify candidates who align with the specifics in the job description.   

How to get your CV past AI systems 

Use keywords 

Using the right wording, phrasing, and even repetition in some areas when cv writing for AI is key.  Highlighting the right skills matched against the job description, picking out the words used the most in the advert and transferring these to your application.   

To help, there are various CV templates AI where you can copy and paste the job description into the system, and it will highlight what it believes to be the keywords, i.e., those words that are mentioned the most and appear the most, etc. 

However, you mustn’t keyword stuff; you should use keywords approximately two to three times at most. Anymore and the system will flag you as suspicious, and you could be deemed as a poor fit. 

Include transferable skills 

Reports also show that using transferable skills can also increase your chances of passing to the next stage—skills such as time management, flexibility, teamwork, and communication, etc. 

Update your skills and experience 

You also need to focus on your professional background, ensuring that your skills and experience are front and centre.  

Prioritise the most relevant information, place everything in chronological order, and ensure that it matches the job description perfectly.   

When highlighting your experience, you should always look to quantify results, for example, if you increased revenue streams, by how much? If you managed a team, how big? If you were responsible for managing costs and budgets, put a value on these. Those CVs that include specific numbers, percentages, quantities, etc., will score higher. 

We recommend that you don’t list experiences dating back more than ten years, including only the most recent and relevant information. 

Strip out all unnecessary formatting 

If an AI system is in use, it’s important to avoid images, graphics, logos, etc., in your CV, as the system will not read these formats. PDFs will also not be accepted, so make sure to use plain text as the most suitable option. This means avoiding any fancy formatting, and by converting your file into `plain text` before you upload the information, you will be able to check if anything looks out of place, missing, etc. 

Unlike traditional CVs, we also recommend that you don’t put any information in the header or footer of the document, as AI systems will not pick this up. 

Is your CV easy to read? 

Make sure to get to the point, i.e., keep language straightforward, avoid using jargon, and commonly used generic phrases. 

There should also be no mistakes with spelling or grammar, as any errors will rule your CV/application out completely. 

You can’t trick AI systems; you have to be honest at every stage – yes, even with a robot!  

AI and recruitment 

With so many more candidates now applying for roles, screening without AI can almost seem impossible. 

However, there are still doubts about how effective these programmes and systems are to the recruitment sector and if employers genuinely understand how these algorithms work. In this sense, the human approach should not be underrated, which is why sending a polite email to the hiring manager or a thank you note to the recruiter will always place you in a positive light. 

Knowing someone who can help get your CV past the robots and straight onto the hiring manager’s desk also helps!  

At Secure and Recruit, we recommend candidates tailor each CV and application appropriately. To ensure you don’t miss securing your dream job, you can also look to use a modern CV resume template for AI. 

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