Secure & Recruit Joins Elevation Training Academy to Tackle Fire and Security Skills Shortage

Aug 1, 2023

We are proud to announce our partnership with Elevation Training Academy, a leading apprenticeship training specialist in the fire and security industry. This collaboration aims to address the skills shortage and bring in new talent to shape the next generation of skilled fire and security engineers.

The industry has been facing significant challenges due to the scarcity of skilled professionals and an ageing workforce. As more companies invest in apprenticeships, it becomes a crucial long-term strategy for sustaining company growth.

At Secure & Recruit, we have a constant influx of entry-level candidates who are eager to make their mark in the sector. These candidates either have industry connections through friends and family or have already invested in self-funded industry courses, showcasing their dedication to building a career in fire and security.

With our experience in placing fire and security tutors for apprenticeship programs, we have gained valuable insights into the entire cycle. This knowledge positions us well to support Elevation Training Academy in their mission to train and empower the next generation of engineers.

Jolene Taylor, Managing Director of Elevation Training Academy, expresses her excitement about the partnership and “the shared vision to bridge the skills gap and provide young engineers with the necessary training and opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

Sophie Hallam, Managing Director at Secure & Recruit, shares in the enthusiasm, stating that “the partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to nurturing a highly skilled workforce in the fire and security industry. We are thrilled to be part of this joint effort in creating a positive impact and supporting the industry’s growth.”

Together, we are determined to make a significant difference in the industry, developing a highly skilled and talented workforce that will shape the future of fire and security.

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