Sector sees a rise in Security Engineering jobs

Aug 5, 2021

Sector sees a rise in Security Engineering jobs

Reports and research continue to show that fire and security engineering roles continue to increase despite a current downturn in vacancies across other various sectors in the UK.  In fact, recent reports go on to state that the demand for skilled workers in the fire and security engineering sector is currently outstripping supply. 

This is great news as more and more fire and security companies increase their workforce, providing a valuable and specialist service that helps keep people and premises safe and secure. 

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the catastrophic effect, this has caused across industries, unemployment is at an all-time high.  However, surprisingly those specialist roles, especially within fire and security, have weathered the worst of the storm as more and more opportunities become available. 

At Secure and Recruit, we work with companies and candidates, helping to make the perfect and most suitable match. Then, using our pool of talent, we ensure we match the right candidate to the right role in order for both parties to achieve success. 

(To find out more about what a good recruitment company looks like, check out our most recent post HERE). 

However, despite the increase in the volume of vacancies available, the sector is also experiencing an emerging skills gap and a security engineer shortage in the UK.


Why the shortage? 

There are several reasons why the sector is facing a shortage of security engineers: 

  1. Identity. There is a consensus that there is a lack of awareness of this sector as a whole. What is involved, what job roles are available, skills needed, how to enter the market, and even a lack of understanding on how to start your career as a security engineer.  We, as a sector, need to improve the overall understanding and knowledge of security engineering to help attract more to the profession. 
  2. Education– without an understanding of what skills are required, how are our younger generations to know what skills to study?  (Note: this is changing with the recent boost to apprenticeship funding, helping to meet the skills shortages in the sector head-on.  Offering a mix of classroom learning and on the job training will improve the quality and quantity of candidates). 
  3. Ageing workforce– to help combat a skills shortage or a widening of the skills gap, passing on knowledge, expertise, and increasing the number of apprenticeships offered will be vital.  Encouraging a new generation to the industry and updating internal processes and systems with new technologies will allow companies to grow their staff and the business. Thus, leading to higher retention rates and revenue streams.
  4. Inflexible approach to talent acquisition– those who look to adopt a more flexible approach to job specifications, widening the talent pool, and using a specialist recruitment agency (like Secure and Recruit) are those who are finding the real gem of candidates.

Security engineer jobs 

If you are currently looking for UK fire and security job roles, or you’re looking for the perfect candidate to fill a fire and security position – let us help. 

With businesses now reopening their doors once more as we manoeuvre our way out of the uncertainty of COVID-19, spending on recruitment is set to increase, making now the perfect time to update your CV and make sure you stand out from the crowd when applying for those specialist security engineering roles.

Secure and Recruit 

Moving forward, thinking strategically about your employment both as a candidate and employer is essential. 

At Secure and Recruit, we’re excited to see the industry grow, and we’re excited to see the direction that the sector is heading and the growth in the businesses we work with. 

We have a vast talent pool of security engineers to fill the right role within your organisation. 

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