Reflecting on 5 Years of Ethical Recruitment: Our Journey at Secure and Recruit

Aug 30, 2023

Secure and Recruit began in the home offices of MDs Danielle Jones and Sophie Hallam

Looking back on the past five years, it’s truly remarkable to see how far we’ve come since we founded Secure and Recruit in 2018.

Before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, we had gained extensive experience in various Recruitment Agencies. However, what struck us the most was the glaring lack of care and attention to detail in the industry.

The relationships between candidates and clients were often marred by deceit and disappointment, and this left us disheartened. We witnessed instances of roles being misrepresented to candidates and candidates being oversold to clients, all for a quick profit. This wasn’t the way recruitment should be, and it ignited a fire within us to create something better.

Our vision was crystal clear: we wanted to establish an honest and transparent recruitment agency driven by our genuine passion for the Fire and Security industry. We firmly believed that the right way to recruit would not only lead to our success but also nurture long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

Undoubtedly, one of the most persistent challenges we faced was the presence of dishonest recruitment agencies in the field. While we remained steadfast in our commitment to thoroughness, we noticed that some agencies would casually share a candidate’s personal information and CV without even speaking to them, seeking permission, or discussing suitable roles. This practice seemed to go against the principles of respect and integrity that we hold dear.

In an industry as fast-paced as Fire and Security, there’s a constant demand for experienced and qualified professionals. This realisation prompted us to collaborate with the Elevation Training Academy, enabling us to support apprentices at the beginning of their professional journey. This partnership is a testament to our dedication to not only driving our agency forward but also investing in the future of the industry.

Both of us, (Danielle Jones and Sophie Hallam), share an unrelenting drive to build a recruitment agency founded on reliability and honesty. Our early successes spoke volumes about the potential of Secure and Recruit. Within the first two months, we secured our first national client, a company now valued at an impressive £650 million. Over time, we’ve successfully placed more than a hundred skilled professionals within their organisation, demonstrating the strength of our commitment.

Our achievements aren’t just measured in numbers; they’re also reflected in the challenges we’ve overcome. When faced with a client’s 16 demanding vacancies, we managed to fill 12 of them, boasting an impressive 85% conversion rate. Even when the client opted for exclusivity with another agency, it was our unwavering support and exceptional results that led them back to us. Within a mere two weeks, we successfully filled 20 critical positions, showcasing our resilience and determination.

As we celebrate Secure and Recruit’s fifth birthday, we’re not just commemorating our agency’s growth; we’re also celebrating the journey of two individuals who were determined to make a difference. Our commitment to transparent practices and integrity has not only shaped our agency but has also set a higher standard for the industry. With transparency as our guiding principle and ethical recruitment as our foundation, we’re excited to continue making a positive impact on careers, relationships, and the recruitment landscape as a whole.

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