Interview Tips – Questions You Should Ask In An Interview

Nov 18, 2021

Interview Tips – Questions You Should Ask In An Interview

The final stage of any interview usually requires you to ask questions of the interviewer. Even if you don’t have any questions you really want to ask, it’s always good to have a few prepared to show your interest in the fire and security job you are applying for. If you find this part of the interview particularly daunting, keep reading as we share some of the best questions to win over an interviewer.


What Would a Typical Day in This Job Look Like? 

While it can be hard to know what a typical day in a fire and security job might look like, it’s good to have a rough idea of what you would be getting yourself into. The interviewer can share examples of how far you’d be expected to travel and what types of jobs you might work on in a typical day. You’ll also get a good idea about any reporting or paperwork you might have to complete, so you’ll really know more about the ins and outs of the job. Many jobs have hidden extra tasks involved in their job descriptions, so keep this in mind when applying for any job in the future. 

Can You Share Examples of Previous or Typical Projects? 

When working for a fire and security company, you’ll find that there are many tasks involved in the daily job role. By asking about the types of work you can expect to do, you’ll get an idea of whether you will be mainly focused on residential or commercial settings. When they discuss these projects with you, you’ll also know how steady the work might be with the company. It’s a good question to show your interest in business as a whole, as well as learn more about what your job might entail. 

Who Will Train Me On The Job? 

One of the first considerations for anyone switching jobs is the training they’ll receive upon starting the job role. Asking who will train you and how you will be trained will help you to get a better idea of how business is organised. You’ll find that you understand more about how much support you’ll receive, which is something you should be looking for in a new job. While it’s always exciting to land an interview for a job, remember that this is a process that should also ensure you are choosing the right company to work for. Ask about training programs and professional development opportunities as well if this is applicable to your career. You’ll find that the more the interviewer is happy to talk about this area, the more likely you’ll be supported in your new role. 

What Career Progression Opportunities Are Available? 

When you are interviewing with companies at any stage of your career, you want to think about what opportunities are available for you further down the line. Even if you are currently just starting out in your career, you will likely want to progress in a few years. Thinking about your future shows that you are serious about your job application and progressing in your career in the fire and security industry. The more interest you show in your future, the more likely you’ll be to land the job of your dreams. They’ll know that you are willing to put in the time and effort into your work to progress and that you’ll love learning each day on the job. It also shows you are a safe hire who won’t just switch jobs again within a few months. 

Where Do You See the Company Heading in the Next Few Years? 

We all know how tough the past few years have been on many companies. For that reason, we recommend that you ask how the company is planning to continue to move forward over the next few years. You’ll get a good sense of how your job role could change and how the company will grow or adapt while you are there. If you are looking to have a long career in a company, it is critical to know. You want to ensure you are entering a secure environment where there will be opportunities for you to progress as a professional and individual in the future. 

These are just a few of the top questions you can ask at the end of any fire and security interview. The more you seem interested in the company and the interviewer, the more likely you will be to land a job with the company of your dreams. It’s important always to have a few questions up your sleeve, as sometimes, one or two of them will be covered earlier in the interview. Contact us today for more assistance with your upcoming interviews and to discuss our current vacancies.