Interview Tips – Psychometric Tests

Dec 18, 2021

interview tips - psychometric tests

When it comes to screening candidates for further interviews, you’ll find that many companies in the fire and security industry use psychometric tests. These tests are a great way to filter out the hundreds of applications that were received. However, for many candidates, these can be incredibly daunting, especially if you’ve never undertaken one of these tests before. Our team is here to help during every stage of the process, so keep reading as we share our top tips for psychometric tests.


What is a Psychometric Test? 

Psychometric tests are used to identify the skills and personality of a candidate. They are often used before the final interview, as they are a great way to screen a large number of candidates. Within the fire and security industry, you’ll find these are often used for graduate programs, where the number of applications each year is too large to interview in person. These tests are often sent to candidates via email and may have a set time associated with them. You are required to follow the exact instructions of the test you are provided with to ensure everyone has a fair chance at the psychometric test. 

These tests can be split into two different categories. Personality tests are used to learn more about an individual’s character and interests. They ask questions to find out how you would react in a variety of workplace situations, to see if you are a good fit for the organisation. Aptitude tests are more focused on your skill set to see if you think in the way that’s expected for the job. These usually have a minimum score you’ll need to achieve, which is why they look at verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. Expect a wide variety of different questions in this test, which will test everything you could possibly need to succeed in a new job role. 

Top Tips for Taking a Psychometric Test 

If it’s your first time sitting a psychometric test, we understand this can be particularly nerve-wracking. For that reason, you’ll want to make sure you find somewhere quiet to sit in order to give yourself the best chance of success. For those of you who live with family or a partner, make sure you do the test alone so you can fully concentrate on each question. Try to work reasonably quickly through the test without rushing any of the questions. You’ll find that these tests are usually timed, so for that reason, don’t waste time on any questions that you are struggling with. Make sure you are honest in every answer you give and go with your gut instinct when answering questions. Don’t try to force certain answers just to impress an interviewer, as this will be easy to see when marking the paper. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

The good news for fire and security candidates is that there are plenty of great examples of psychometric tests online. We recommend taking the time to practice these types of tests as much as possible. You’ll then have a better idea about what to expect when sitting a test and won’t be shocked by the type of questions you are asked. This will also allow you to see if you have any weaker areas, which you can work on until the day of your test. 

When it comes to sitting the test, make sure you have everything you need ready for the big day. If your test is taking place in person, bring pens and a calculator, as you’ll usually have to put your phone away before starting the exam. For tests that can be completed at home, check your wi-fi connection and ensure your computer is fully charged before starting. 

Reading the instructions carefully is our number one tip for psychometric tests. Sometimes these tests try to trick out candidates, so make sure you read the question twice before choosing the right answer. Check how long you have to complete the exam so that you aren’t short of time when it comes to an end. Keep an eye on the clock during the exam so that you can pace yourself as you work through the series of questions. If you are really stuck on one question, leave it and then come back to it at the end if you have spare time left. 

Psychometric tests are an excellent tool for recruiters in the fire and security industry. You’ll find that they are used more commonly now with online applications, as they save interviewers time when getting to know candidates. We recommend doing a few tests beforehand so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into in the future. For more information about current vacancies and interviewing for your dream job, contact our team today, who will be happy to discuss any concerns you have.


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