Top Tips for Post-Pandemic Recruitment

Mar 3, 2022

Top Tips for Post-Pandemic Recruitment

The past two years have been one of the toughest times in history for companies looking to hire new employees. After going through a period where individuals were desperate for work, we’ve now entered into a new era where people are looking for jobs that fit around their lives. Here at, we are here to support the fire and security industry in recovering from these tough times. Let’s take a look at some top recruitment advice for the post-pandemic world and how to overcome any staff shortages you are currently facing.

Show Empathy to Applicants

Your recruitment approach today will look very different to what it did a couple of years ago. When you receive a CV or job application, you need to accept that it’s likely to have gaps due to the pandemic. In the past, this was a huge cause for concern for employers. However, you now need to look at this more open-mindedly and ensure you offer empathy to the individuals who are interviewing. You never know why someone was unable to work during this time. Take the time to learn more about their personal situation and what they would have been doing with their time if they weren’t working. There’s often a very good reason for someone not being able to work, so avoid jumping to conclusions too quickly with recruitment during the pandemic.

Expect Fewer Applicants for Some Roles

Even companies that were inundated with applicants when recruiting in the pandemic are now noticing a huge drop-off in numbers. This is something that we see a lot of as a fire and security agency, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the perfect candidate for any job role in the future. We encourage you to be patient with the application process. If you know you have someone leaving in three months, start working on filling that position now. The more time you give to post-pandemic recruitment, the more likely you’ll find the perfect employees to help your business grow and thrive.

Be Flexible With Your Terms of Work

One of the top reasons that companies are struggling to find the right employees is that people have now taken the time to reassess what they want from their lives. Many people now expect to be able to work remotely, but companies don’t always want to offer them this solution. While this isn’t possible for all jobs in the fire and security industry, it’s certainly something to consider for office-based roles. You’ll find that your company will seem a much more attractive place to work when you are offering this type of setup, and you’ll notice a huge improvement in the talent you attract for your job applications.

Try to Meet People Face-to-Face

Even if someone wants to work remotely, it’s so important that they meet you and the team they are working with face-to-face. We’ve spent so much time at home and on computers in the past two years, but this needs to change, starting now. Instead of holding endless Zoom interviews, the time is now to bring people back into offices. We recommend holding interviews as you did before the pandemic. Make sure you offer people the choice of wearing a mask if they would prefer, and do everything you can to make health and safety a priority during your interview sessions. This will make a great first impression on your company and help to spread the word about how great you are to work for.

Be Prepared for Salary Negotiations

Alongside more flexible working setups, you’ll find that people are now expecting higher pay rates. On average, the salary within many companies has had to increase in the post-pandemic world. People are seeing that they can find more flexible working options without losing their previous income. Don’t be surprised if people come back to you and ask for more money than you initially suggested for that job role. You’ll need to work through your company’s budget and have some flexibility if you want to attract top talent. Our team can work with you to suggest the average pay rates for the industry to ensure you aren’t significantly overpaying.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to hiring in the post-pandemic world. There’s no denying that the world of recruitment has changed a lot, and it’s unlikely to return to the pre-pandemic days any time soon. We recommend having more flexibility when it comes to your recruitment process so that candidates feel comfortable from the first day they meet your team. You’ll make a great first impression and then be able to find the best employees to take your business to new levels this year. Contact us today for more information about working with our team for fire and security recruitment over the upcoming months. We’ll be happy to support you during this unusual time and get your business to where you’d like it to be as quickly as possible.