CV Tips – How to Get a Recruiter’s Attention

Nov 24, 2021

CV Tips – How to Get a Recruiter’s Attention

When working to secure your dream job, it’s critical that you get the recruiter’s attention. When they are sitting down to read hundreds of CVs, you need to apply the top tricks of the trade to get their attention within seconds. When you focus on following these tips, you can ensure that you land interviews to showcase your skills and personality even further. Apply our top tips listed below to your future fire and security job role applications, and you’ll find a position that’s perfect for your needs and experience in no time at all.


Focus on Your Strengths 

We all have strengths and weaknesses within our roles in fire and security. It’s important for you to understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can focus on showcasing your best abilities on your CV. Make sure these strengths are aligned with the positions you are applying for. This is especially true as you progress through your career. There’s no point aiming for leadership positions if you don’t yet feel confident and capable of leading a team. Take some time to really think about your career aspirations before writing the summary at the top of your CV. When you have these goals in mind, they’ll come through on everything you write in your CV. 

Ensure Your Skills Are Right For The Job 

While it can be so tempting to apply for any job that’s posted online, you need to think about your experience and whether you are a good fit. It’s truly a waste of everyone’s time if you apply for a management role in fire and security if you are a recent school leaver. Also, if you feel you have no interest in a job description, steer clear of this job as well. While you might hope a job could be tailored to your interests, there are some unavoidable aspects of every job in the world. Make sure you find a job that you will truly enjoy doing, and this will shine through in everything you write on your CV. 

Learn About the Business 

One of the top ways to stand out to a recruiter is to tailor your CV to their company. Take the time to learn more about the business you are applying for. You can then tailor your past work experience descriptions to fit their needs. For example, if a fire and security company is currently looking to invest in new technology, showcase examples of your working to implement new technology. Companies that are fast-paced will like to see examples of the heavy workload you had in a previous organisation. Each CV you submit should be slightly different to match the tone and needs of the company. A company with a more cheeky personality might appreciate getting to know you more in a CV, whereas more serious companies will be looking for a more formal tone of voice. 

Share Clear Examples of Your Previous Work 

Clear and relatable examples of your previous work in the fire and security industry will help you to stand out to a recruiter. Make sure you use concise language to describe your previous job roles and achievements. This will help the recruiter to get a good idea of your experience and whether it’s a good fit for the role. They might even suggest you apply for another role if this one isn’t right for you, thanks to the clarity of your CV. 

Don’t Make Your CV Too Long 

Even if you are the top candidate for a position, the recruiter will appreciate a clear and concise CV. For most positions, we recommend a two-page CV. Anything longer should only be reserved for those applying for executive or leadership positions or very specialist positions. A two-page CV offers you the space to share your qualifications and experience, but it isn’t too long that they’ll lose interest in what you are saying. Remember, a recruiter might have a thousand CVs to review for a position. Realistically, they are only going to give it a quick glimpse to begin with, so you need to get their attention immediately. 

There’s so much to consider when writing your CV, but we encourage you to focus on keeping it concise and relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are looking for more CV tips, make sure you check out the other articles in this series or go to this website for help with getting past AI and securing an interview. It’s a great time to apply for job roles in the fire and security industry, which can offer you a long and fulfilling career where no two days of work are the same. Contact us today for more information about current job roles and how we can help you to secure your dream position this year.