How to be successful in recruitment

Mar 14, 2022

How to be successful in recruitment

Whether you’re supporting people to get their careers off the ground or helping someone move up the career ladder into their dream role, working in recruitment can be extremely rewarding.

Working in fire and safety recruitment also provides an excellent opportunity to learn and develop many skills. With the fast-paced and varied roles available often driving a recruiter’s motivation, this and of course, the feel-good factor that you play a small part in people finding the right role for them.

At, what makes our recruitment so successful is our commitment to success, our resilient nature, and our dedication to going above and beyond for the client.

Below, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips on how to be successful in the recruitment and some of the recruitment strategies that businesses can implement to support internal networks.

What does successful recruitment look like?

Strong relationships

A big part of a recruiter’s role in building strong and long-lasting relationships. To achieve this effectively, consistency in your approach and maintaining high standards is always key.

Relationship-building skills can also help you with your external clients and your internal colleagues. For example, enhancing your communication skills and allowing you the opportunity to show that you’re a team player.

To build and forge strong and long-lasting relationships, you must focus on trust and respect.

Knowing what’s important to them

Finding out what really matters to your client and candidates is why the best recruitment consultants are just that, the best. Knowing what people want, specifically, is the key to successful fire and security recruitment and helps foster those all-important long-term relationships.

Building trust and understanding between both parties requires being open, honest, and transparent in all communications.

Making use of the right technology

The way we engage, communicate, and work with clients has changed.

For example, at Secure and Recruit, we actively look to source talent and fill fire and security vacancies daily, if not hourly! As we make use of video technology, apps to support chat functions, a vast range of social media channels, and more.

Using technology like this allows you to gather a lot of information that you can analyse and draw the best conclusions.


A successful recruiter will have just the right level of confidence, showing a level of authority while avoiding a perception of arrogance.

Of course, confidence comes with experience. However, being proactive in learning new skills, the best recruitment strategies and techniques, understanding routines, and learning habits from other successful recruiters can all be ways to boost confidence as you grow your own career.

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate

A good recruiter must negotiate favourable terms with clients and negotiate salaries, job offers, additional perks, and more.

We need to think of recruiters as an intermediary, i.e., we have to find a solution that works for both parties.

Recruitment success relies on a robust recruitment strategy.

Now that you’re aware of the personal qualities and attributes of what a successful recruiter looks like, it’s also important to be aware of the actual recruitment process.

The recruitment process is all the steps that a recruiter goes through to achieve the final result, i.e., the steps from promoting the fire and security vacancy to sending the final offer letter.

Having the right steps in place ensures you find and hire the right person for the job, and it allows you to hit your hiring goals effectively and efficiently.

Each recruitment agency will have its own process; however, the overarching objective will remain the same – recruiting the right people for the right role.

Steps in recruitment

Marketing – build your brand as a recruiter and effectively source more suitable candidates. Marketing can be a powerful tool for recruiters; however, it’s important to note that you must use the same channels that your clients and potential candidates use.

Sourcing candidates – remember to reach out to candidates who might not be actively looking for a new position just yet. Reaching this audience can help you diversify your hiring funnel.

Look to create a referral programme – tapping into your existing network can help you, source candidates, faster, improve retention, and reduce costs.

Work with your team – trust us, you can achieve so much more when you work together with your team.

Keep track of applicants – don’t lose them or forget about them throughout the process; providing a good customer experience is essential.

Ensure compliance throughout the entire recruitment process.

Protect data and ensure it is stored safely and securely.

Provide ongoing support. A recruiter’s job never really ends.

Optimise the hiring experience, i.e., how can you refine your hiring process to develop a better candidate experience? For example, think about initial applications, interviews, assessments, reference gathering, job offers, etc.

The recruitment process is not one size fits all, and you must determine your criteria from the start.

We believe that successful employee recruitment is the key to ongoing success as an organisation, as every business needs talented employees to help them meet their objectives.

A career in recruitment can offer the right person many opportunities. Working in an industry that you’re interested in and know about can make it easier, especially when fully meeting and understanding your clients’ requirements.

Our latest blog post looks at working in recruitment and the type of work environment you can expect.

Working with a professional recruitment agency in the fire and security sector is your best chance of recruiting the best talent out in the field.

At Secure and Recruit, we want to help your organisation succeed and grow, creating a workforce that meets your and your customers’ needs.

For candidates, we want to support you in your career development.

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