Flexible Recruiting Solutions

Feb 22, 2022

Flexible Recruiting Solutions

During this difficult time for fire and security companies when it comes to recruitment, you’ll find that flexible recruiting solutions are the way forward. Many people are looking for more flexible working setups, particularly as far as hybrid or remote working is concerned. Keep reading as we share our top tips for recruiting flexible workers and how to manage them once they are working within your company. Here at secureandrecruit.co.uk, we can help you with all of your fire and security jobs, and we’ll be happy to support you during this difficult time.

Communication is Key

Both when undertaking flexible recruiting and also, once the employees are working within your company, you need to focus on finding a way to keep communication as good as possible between your employees and your leaders. From the start of the recruitment process, ensure you have open chains of communication. Both parties should be committed to replying to messages quickly to ensure communication is as good as possible as part of your recruitment plan. If you notice that some candidates struggle to get back to you with any form of urgency, you need to think about whether they would be a good option for jobs with flexibility. Not everyone can thrive when working in this way, so keep this in mind when considering flexible recruiting solutions.

On the other hand, flexible jobs also need to offer your employees the space and time to enjoy their personal lives. Many companies are now being accused of being on top of their employees 24 hours a day, which just isn’t right for their mental health. Fire and security companies need to be mindful of working hours, even when offering flexible working solutions. You’ll find that fire and security recruitment agencies will help you with these successful recruiting techniques to ensure you make a good first impression on potential employees of your company.

Focus on Training During Onboarding

Even if you are hiring a 100% remote worker, they still need to be treated like your typical employees during the onboarding process. Make sure you introduce them to your company and try to invite them into your office, so they still meet the team. Try to give them a fixed schedule at the start, which will help them to get into a better routine even with flexible working. Make sure they are aware of your company hierarchy and will know who to contact at any time should something go wrong. You don’t want to leave them feeling abandoned and unsure where to turn when working for you, so make sure you set clear expectations from the beginning to make this way of working a good choice for both parties.

Praise Remote Workers

We are noticing more, and more companies neglect their flexibility and remote workers in favour of ones who work in the office every day. Just because you don’t see someone face to face each week, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be rewarded for their hard work. There are plenty of ways you can thank someone for their hard work, which can be as simple as saying thank you or sending them a letter of praise. Even the small tasks which they do well need to be acknowledged, which will reinforce their good work and keep standards as high as possible within your organisation.

Organise Online Communication Forums

As well as creating a clear channel of communication between your employees and leaders, give remote and flexible workers the chance to meet other people in the company. You can create a Slack channel or use Zoom to offer drop-in sessions for your employees. Just as you might organise a meet and greet from time to time with your team, do this online as well. It’s so important for flexible workers to be able to build good working relationships within the company, so they have people to turn to if they are struggling. You never know when they might need someone’s help, so make sure you are giving them opportunities to thrive with your flexible recruiting solutions.

Arrange In-Person Meet-Ups

Whether you plan to use remote work temporarily or permanently, you still need to find a way to get to know everyone in your team on a deeper level. Try to arrange monthly in-person meet-ups, where everyone can get together for lunch or a drink after work. This is a great way to learn more about how everyone is adjusting to the new way of working and ensure no one is left behind in your team.

By following these top tips above, you’ll find that remote working will be a great option for you and your team this year. You’ll see that employees really appreciate flexible working options, which can help them to balance their personal and work lives We’ll be here to support you with your recruitment and ensure you find the right employees for this new setup in the future.

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