Interview Tips – Common Interview Questions And Help

Nov 15, 2021

Interview Tips – Common Interview Questions And Help

When it comes to preparing for an interview this year, you want to make yourself aware of some of the most common questions you might be asked. While no two interviews for fire and security jobs are exactly the same, there are some questions that pop up over and over again. Keep reading to discover some questions you’ll want to prepare answers for in order to have the best chance of successfully landing your dream job.


Tell Me About Your Current and Past Work Experience 

To start off the interview, you’ll usually be asked to give a brief overview of your work experience and personal history. This can also encompass your personal interests, but you’ll usually want to focus on your studies and work experience more. Make sure you prepare for this question, as it’s very likely you will be asked this. You’ll need to be able to talk for a good few minutes, so make sure you have enough content to fill this time. One thing to keep in mind is that you might not have enough work experience to talk about to create a full answer. If that’s the case, talk about your studies, qualifications, and any personal interests which are related to your desired job in the fire and security industry. 

Tell Me Why You Want to Work For Our Company 

Companies want to find candidates who are a good fit for their business and who will be excited about working for your company. In order to achieve that, they’ll ask you why you chose to apply for this job in the first place. Expect to be able to share what you already know about the company and why you think it would be a good match for your personality and skillset. Avoid talking about the salary or benefits of the company, and focus on what you admire about their way of operating and their business as a whole. Focus on the motivation you have for applying for the job and why you think this company stands out over other ones you could apply for. 

What Are Your Top Three Strengths and Weaknesses? 

Strengths and weaknesses are a topic that many of us struggle to talk about. We know that it can be challenging to talk about yourself in this way, and many people are afraid of coming off as boastful during this discussion. When you talk about your strengths, think about how your family or friends would describe you. Have three or four things in mind which show you are a good team player, leader, or problem solver. Make sure these skills are relevant to the job you are applying for, so that you come across as a good fit for the position you are hoping to secure. 

When it comes to talking about your weaknesses, this can be even harder than your strengths. Remember, you need to be honest about areas you could improve, but make sure you don’t choose weaknesses that could show you would be a poor fit for the job. Share examples of your weaknesses and ways in which you have learned to overcome them. It shows that you are willing to take on feedback and ensure you are working towards being a better person and worker each day. We all have some areas that need improving, so keep these in mind at all times in order to thrive during an interview. Avoid saying that you have no weaknesses at all, as everyone knows this is not the truth for anyone in the world. Even the world’s top CEOs have some things they could improve, so keep this in mind when discussing this area. 

How Would You Improve Our Business? 

Companies are looking to see what you will bring to the table when it comes to you joining their business. While you shouldn’t go ahead and completely trash the service or product they offer, it’s good to offer constructive criticism. The interviewer will want to hear your ideas and how you might make worthwhile changes to their business. Remember to phrase any criticisms you have in a tactical and professional manner. They’ll appreciate your honest feedback and might even find ways to improve upon this in the near future, thanks to your help. 

Describe a Time Where You’ve Overcome a Challenge 

Interviewers want to know how you will react to challenges that you will face in their workplace. We all know that working for any company isn’t a simple task, so they want to see what type of problems you’ve overcome in your current and previous jobs. Remember, you’ll want to try and showcase your strengths when discussing this question to show that you have the ability to overcome any challenge that comes your way. You can use this to showcase some of your top achievements as well, as these two areas are often linked. 

By preparing for these questions, you’ll be ready to ace any interview. Contact us today for more information about interview preparation and the current vacancies we are looking to fill in the fire and security industry. 


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