8 Dos and Don’ts of Interviews

Jun 11, 2024

Some of these may seem obvious, but we still hear of far too many occasions where people make easily avoidable mistakes during interviews – and unfortunately it often costs them their place in the recruitment process.

So, make sure you are interview ready with our top tips of do’s and dont’s to help you secure that ideal fire and security role!


  • Research & preparation

Read up on the company before your interview, think of questions to ask and be sure to show your interest in the company and role on offer! Remember it‘s a two-way thing!

  • Make a good first impression

Whether it‘s an in-person interview or video call, make sure you are on time for the interview and dress smartly/appropriately to make a good impression.

  • Think about your location in advance

If your interview is via video call, pick an appropriate venue – make sure you are somewhere quiet and without distractions where you have a stable internet connection / phone signal. We know some of you have to conduct video interviews while out on the road, so make sure you are not driving and that you think about the position of your phone (hint – hold it at eye level)!

  • Attend a face-to-face interview

If a face-to-face interview is an option, our advice is to take it! You’ll get a much better feel for the role/ company in person than via video call. Plus you’ll also stand out against other candidates who don‘t attend in person.


  • No smoking / vaping…

…while on a video interview. It might sound obvious, but we know of at least two separate occasions where this has happened. Funnily enough, the candidates didn’t get any further in the recruitment process.

  • No phones

If you‘re on a video call or in-person interview, don’t pick up or look at your phone – keep it on silent and out of sight. Keep your full attention on the interview at hand.

  • Underplay the importance of video interviews

Treat video interviews with the same importance and respect as you would a face-to-face. Bring your best self to that interview to make the best impression.

  • Ghost the company / recruiter

If you’re going to be late, need to reschedule or simply change your mind – just let someone know. We all understand that life happens and plans change, but remember to be respectful of people‘s time. A quick call/ email/text is all it takes.

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