Top Employment Benefits for Fire and Security Engineers

May 16, 2023

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we asked our network:

Engineers, When looking for a new role, what is the top benefit you look for in addition to base salary?

The responses have given us a real insight into what matters most to our Fire and Security candidates. We understand that the best packages for you will look different to those in other industries.

We hope by sharing the results we can support our candidates in securing those perfect roles and assist clients in onboarding and retaining top talent.

So employers, what benefits can you provide to best support your Fire and Security Engineers?

43% of respondents stated that paid travel was the most important thing they looked for. This is a benefit we are seeing more frequently in roles that require working across many sites and is attractive not only to those actively looking for a new role but also to passive talent.

Holiday allowance came in a close second with 25%. We are seeing more and more businesses offering incremental increases to holiday allowance by length of service. Typically our clients are offering anywhere from 22 – 25 days a year, plus bank holidays with some giving an additional day for each year of service, up to 30 days annually.

21% stated bonuses were the most important benefit to them, and within the industry these can be in the form of personal or company performance bonuses. When combined in an attractive package of holiday, paid travel and growth opportunities, bonuses celebrate success of the team and individuals and incentivises consistent performance.

In addition to these options we asked respondents to specify in the comments. We were interested to see ongoing training and development mentioned numerous times. This is a great opportunity for businesses to retain and demonstrate their commitment to their engineers, it also allows individuals to develop in their careers and progress further.

Thank you to all of those who took the time to respond to our poll, the responses are invaluable and we will be continuing to share insights and information from future polls over the coming weeks.

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